After checking in at the chalet, the adult in charge has to read and sign the house rules in condensed form to testify having seen and understood the house rules and that everyone of his group has done and understood the briefing. Then, an instructor will gear up everyone and show and explain the safety rules. Afterwards all the participants have to complete successfully one of our 2 briefing rope courses. These consist of 3 different activities where you learn how to use your gear and respect the saftey rules. After completing the briefing, the instructor will decide with the group which trail to begin with.

We use two different systems. The carabiners called Kong is a system used by kids and beginners that can't be opened until the end of the rope course, so they are always secured. Kong carabiners are used on the trails Bambini, Kids, Découverte and Aventure and can't be used on the other trails.

The other system consists of two conventional carabiners, where one after the other has to be detached from the safety line, meanwhile paying attention that both of them are never opened at the same time. This system is used on all the trails and especially on the Compèt, Sensations and Extrême trail.

Normal sneakers, no need for hiking or climbing shoes. T-shirts with sleeves (complete harnesses covering shoulders). No scarves or similar, skirts, ballerinas, flip-flops or high heels.

Rubber band for long hair is a must.

Already at the age of one and a half, kids can have fun on our specially built trail called Bambini. This trail with a height of just 1 meter allows parents to easily follow and help their youngsters.

Kids can only climb in company and under the supervision of an adult. As described in our terms, an adult has to chaperon on or under the trail the minors to reassure themselves that the safety instructions are always respected. As for the kids who visit our parc on a regular base, a responsible adult has to sign and bring once a parental discharge (downlad here).

The birthday child is always free of charge. If you are a party of 11 (including the birthday child) you can choose between 5% of the regular price, a free drink or one free icecream per child.

When you arrive, the instructor will show you to your table (if booked). As soon as your group is complete, you are going to be geared up, briefed and attended to your first possible trail.

The adults have to follow the group on or under the trail. If booked, a private instructor will look after the kids.

The group will climb for one or two hours as booked. After the time has elapsed, the harnesses has to be returned to be at the disposal of other customers. The group can then party and stay in the parc until the parc closes.

You can bring all you need for the birthday. We sell sweets, drinks and icecreams. Please note that trash has to be taken back with you. If not possible we can provide you with a plastic bag of trash and one recycling bag for a fee of 10 euros.

Bookings are not mandatory. To be sure you will get harnesses and don't have to wait, you should make a reservation if you are group of 8 or more. This document contains all the possible bookings and fees. After having received a booking confirmation you need to pay an account to finalize your booking. You only pay for the climbing customers, please notify us until the day prior to your reservation, if the number of participants increases or decreases around 25%.

Firms need to fill up the booking form. We can also arrange everything for you, from caterer to tents, everything is possible and you don't need to pay an extra event organiser. You can change the number of attendees one day prior to your reservation. The day of your appointment you have to pay at least the fee for the participants you announced the day before or the number on your order form (or more, if you are more).

You can book at all time, even when the parc is offically closed for a minimum fee of 230 euros.

As mentioned in our terms, you can cancel your booking at all time until one day prior to the reservation date. If you have a reservation we won't close the parc even if it rains on this day. If you want to cancel, please call 298 295 44 or the mobile number 621 669 112 (still unreachable call 621 160 670). If you cancel please don't send a mail or leave a message on the answering machine.

Our instructors have received an appropriate formation. They look after you and follow your track from the bottom to be at your disposal if you need help. The rope garden is safe if the safety rules are respected. If not, your doing can result into serious injuries. All the security gear and the trees are inspected every year by experts in their field. During the year our staff is staying alert and controls the security gear.

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